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How to book sports facilities

How to book online – Madani Sports pitches

1. Select the date and times you wish to book.
1. Booked slots will appear shaded in grey.
2. Click on the date
3. You will now have hourly time slots to choose from.
4. Choose times which will shade according to your choice.
5. Enter start and finish times on the online form
6. Complete your contact information
7. Complete method of payment.
8. Please note bookings are not guaranteed until you are in receipt of approved booking email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book the sports facilities at Madani High?
"Please visit the Madani Sports page on"
I would like to book the KO Hall for a wedding/event?
"Please visit the KO Hall page on"
I would like to receive food from the Khidmah Food Bank?
"Please contact Khidmah Cares on  "
I would like to volunteer for Khidmah Organisation?
"Please contact us via the volunteering page"