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Madani Schools Federation has a range of facilities from our sports hall available to hire from partner organisation Khidmah Organisation, considering reasonable requests for hiring the school’s facilities for local community and educational groups.

Khidmah Organisation was successful in securing the tender with overall lead for Madani High School. The Khidmah Organisation has successfully held this tender for the last 5 years.



  • Muslim School, Oadby Leicester

    Salaams I just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and the entire Khidmah Organisation for a well organised and enjoyable event. Jazakh'Allah for the invitation, we all had a great time and look forward to attending in a future year Insha'Allah. Our children enjoyed every moment May Allah swt reward you all for your efforts. Ameen. Brothers Ashif, Zubeir & Faizal and the entire Muslim School Oadby. Jazakh'Allah Khaayr May Almighty Allah bless you all. Zubeir Hassam Principal Muslim School Oadby