Building Bridges. Connecting Communities. Serving the community since 1999
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About Us

Khidmah Organisation was formed in 1999 as a non-profit voluntary organisation with its vision of bringing the community of Leicester together through community events. The events bring different communities, friends, family and neighbours together to enjoy a day of recreation, sports activities and entertainment.

Since its inception with the support of the community, Khidmah has developed into a more diverse organisation. However, the foundation to organise community events remains its strength to this day.



Our aims are:

  • To provide a range of services whereby the diverse communities of Leicester gather together and forge lifelong relationships.
  • To organise events/activities encouraging community cohesion, respect and loyalty towards people and the neighbourhood they live in.
  • To empower communities in engaging with service provisions, by connecting with providers and becoming part of the decision-making framework.


Our objectives are:

  • We will organise events and develop programmes celebrating diversity and common values.
  • Promoting the medium of sports, drama, education and social enterprise to produce a foundation for community cohesion.
  • Working in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations in creating programmes and activities that work to embrace the aims and objectives of Khidmah organisation.


The foundations of Khidmah organisation firmly stand on the two hugely successful annual unity events drawing in over 20,000 people attending annually. Our focus remains on working with communities whilst understanding differences between communities and cultures. This allows us to provide a prescriptive based service respecting beliefs and religion.


Proud to be Muslim and British

Khidmah Organisation has not and does not see a contradiction in being Muslim and British.  There are common themes that run through all communities, whether you believe in God or not. We all have values that we share and recognise, there are commonalities between us that bring us together.

Khidmah Organisation understands that young people go through a period of anger and frustration, a normal part of the transition from childhood to adulthood, and is especially prevalent among young men and those for whom questions of identity and belonging are problematic. The events and activities we hold are used as a way of channelling these energies in a positive direction and developing key life skills.

Working at a community level we can generate alternative forms of activism for young people who could potentially be drawn into violent extremism. Khidmah Organisation offers a sense of belonging in the absence of which membership of extreme groups can seem attractive. With social isolation, seemingly a key factor for people being drawn into extremism, feeling part of a group such as Khidmah that promotes and works with local and national government is crucial.

It is worthy to note that Khidmah Organisation attracts over seven thousand young people to its events and has over two hundred young people on its volunteer list.


Service Provisions

Khidmah Organisation targets service providers who seek to empower and encourage communities to take steps to improve their lives in areas of health, education, employment and social welfare also information stalls on drugs, domestic violence and crime.

Connecting communities with services has proved to be a huge success in improving people’s lives. Prime examples are people who have been long term unemployed, either gaining employment or receiving the help to gain the skills to gain employment. Disaffected youth receiving help and advice in areas of higher education, vocational courses, voluntary work placements, local services and organisations